Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Iranian VP is a blogger 

That's how it appears on this site, anyway, and it's fascinating. Among Mohammad Ali Abtahi's posts is one today, with his New Year's wishes:

Would it come true that the next year be a year of peace and sans blood?

Would it come true that in the next year humans own reverence and so their spirit?

Would it come true that humans be free everywhere in the world including our country Iran, to be able to live however they want?

Would it come true that the humans do not commit any crime and as a result no more prisoners be there? And no one wait others? And at least those who are in jails for their beliefs being released and gain back their freedom?

And tens of other WOULD IT BECOME TRUEs that has been dreams and hopes till now.

There might occur a miracle so that the year 2004 becomes so.

Amen to that. The Christmas post is even more surprising, as it quotes from the Gospel of Matthew and says, "this auspicious day is a harbinger of kindness and love"

Hat tip to Jeff Jarvis for the link. According to him, Hoder says the blog is for real. Reuters and AFP ran stories about it. Guess it's legit!

Would it come true that more Iranian officials think as he does.
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