Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Another Bush/Hitler ad at MoveOn.org? 

Buzzflash has a reader comment with this header:

I Think My MoveOn.org Ad Was One Of Them That Ticked Off The RNC...

The reader, Todd Mattson, describes his MoveOn.org ad, but it's not one of the two already caught by Drudge and the RNC.

(Videos here and here.)

Mattson provides the script for his ad, and it's not one of the two mentioned above. So that makes three contributions to MoveOn.org that compared the President of the United States to Adolf Hitler. Fortunately, it appears that Mr. Mattson's ad never made it to the MoveOn.org website. (Read the script; it's nowhere near inflammatory enough for such an organization.) However, the previous two did.

And I don't buy the line that those two ads "slipped through." A real live person had to make a conscious decision that the two Hitler ads were appropriate for the website, and then post them.

I think LT Smash is still waiting for Joe Lieberman to comment...
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