Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Clark a Pats fan? 

General Wesley Clark gets my respect for a campaign ad which I just learned has run in neighboring New Hampshire:

"We as Americans know what it takes to be great," Clark says in the ad, as the camera closes tightly on his face. "It takes leadership. It takes teamwork. It takes spirit, and sacrifice, and commitment . . ."

"And let's face it, you have to be strong on defense," he continues, as the camera pulls back to reveal that he's wearing a Patriots sweatshirt. "You also need to be strong on offense. And having a heck of a quarterback doesn't hurt."

He concludes, with a little smile, "We are all Patriots."

First Tom Brady shows up at the State of the Union address, and now this?

Like I said, Clark gets my respect for the ad. Totally disregarding his military career, about which I heard few positive comments as a junior officer in the Navy. That I heard about him at all says something, since junior Navy officers don't hear about too many Army Generals. I heard plenty about him, though, mostly about how hard he was to work for. Not to mention Col. David Hackworth's characterization of Clark as a "perfumed prince."

Oh well. Clark's message is "Go Pats," so for the time being I'll let the other stuff slide. :)
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