Thursday, January 08, 2004

Democratic Underground has advance job info? 

A friend of this poster says tomorrow's job data will show a huge increase in jobs:

My friend works in finance on Wall Street, and told me the financial models are showing tomorrow's December jobs report is going to show a huge gain.

And that the rate will probably continue such that Bush will more than make up for the loss of 3 million jobs by November.

There goes any chance.

I don't agree with that last part... there are still plenty of ways for either party to win or lose the election. We've got 10 months to go.

But of course, leave it to DU to take an increase in jobs as bad news.

How much of an increase are we talking about? If the source is to be believed,

...we're looking at at least 150,000 jobs/mo, and more likely, 200,000+.

It's too bad that one's party affiliation determines whether this is good or bad news. Check out the ensuing discussion.

UPDATE: According to CNN/Money, economists are forecasting an increase of 100,000 jobs in December. If the DU poster's friend is correct, the report should give the market a good bump. And, more than likely, confidence in the economy will rise as well.
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