Friday, January 16, 2004

Fidel Castro ailing? Dead? 

Rumors are swirling around South Florida that Cuban leader Fidel Castro has either suffered a stroke or died. On the same page is a link and excerpt from an article in which the mayor of Bogota, who recently visited Castro, claimed that the Cuban leader "seemed very sick."

Interestingly, this bit of news about American preparations for Castro's demise just hit the wires a few hours ago.

There's probably nothing to the rumor--this is hardly the first time a rumor about Castro's death has circulated. But you never know. Castro will either show up to kill the rumor or he won't. We'll know soon, either way.

UPDATE: It has been almost 40 hours since I posted this, and I have yet to find anything that confirms the rumor (obviously, or it would be all over the news). I have also seen nothing to refute it. No explicit statements from Castro, no recently-dated quotes from him, no stories about anyone meeting with him. It's just a little odd that there hasn't been a peep about this rumor since it came out.

UPDATE 2: It's 5 days later and I just saw the first conclusive proof that Castro is doing fine.
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