Friday, January 16, 2004

The invasion of Mars 

The BBC has a roundup of some of the more colorful interpretations of President Bush's space exploration announcement.

My favorite is from a Palestinian paper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah:

"The US is preparing for the invasion of Mars and other planets... What are the other planets chosen for the US invasion? Are they an axis of planetary evil? And what is the relationship between the regime on Pluto and fundamentalist groups?"
The Zionist-Crusader alliance must be putting hallucinogens in the West Bank water again, because these guys make absolutely zero sense.

Then again, neither do some of our allies:

"The US President may figure that a pre-emptive strike against the Martians should occur while we have the size advantage," wrote columnist Tim Ferguson in Melbourne's The Age.

"Maybe he figures the Mission To Mars money is well spent; he was never much good at book-learnin' and we've seen his disregard for hospitals during the recent Iraq war," he said.

"George's reasons don't matter. Americans should go to Mars and Australians should go with them. Single-minded persistence in the face of futility is what humanity does best."
Oooookay... Does anyone have a clue what that middle sentence was about? Hospitals? Huh?

(Hat tip: Patrick Belton at Oxblog)
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