Wednesday, January 21, 2004

More on Clark 

I am in full agreement with Tacitus here, concerning two quotes (click on the link) from General Wesley Clark:

Am I reading this correctly? Is Wesley Clark really obliquely belitting John Kerry's war service? Is he really denigrating mere junior officers as compared to exalted generals? Is he really implying that there's some moral failing in not pursuing a lifetime mililtary career? It certainly seems so. And if so -- what a disgrace. Good military leaders of strong character don't do these things: good officers don't denigrate privates, much less junior officers. Good soldiers don't downplay wartime heroism, and they certainly don't disrespect fellow soldiers who earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts. They don't do these things unless they're self-interested careerists with no moral center. That's what the officers I knew who served under Wesley Clark said of him, and I see no other way to interpret these statements. Shame.
Tacitus was, by virtue of being in the Army instead of the Navy, closer to the rumblings than I was, but I heard pretty much the same things he cites.
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