Monday, January 05, 2004

Someone at DU forgot to take the Xanax 

Here's the link and here's the post ("America is cheezy"):

I'm sick of this industrial/corporate culture. I fuc*ing hate seeing "Enquirer" type mags at the checkout. Every 3.27 blocks is another fuc*ing "Walmart/RiteAid/BestBuy/McDonalds. Advertisements are fake "testimonial" type endorsements or silly beyond fuc*ing belief. The news is fuc*ed. I don't want to hear about Kobe, Scott, Brittany, Jacko fucking ever again. Everywhere people are driving big fuc*ing bloated cars and trucks. Las fuc*ing Vegas is ugly. I'm sick of "support our troops" and American flags fuc*ing everywhere. The black and white "good vs. evil" bullshit is for people who can only hold one concept at a fuc*ing time. If you see a pretty place to have a picnic, there is always a "no fuc*ing trespassing" sign. People laugh too loud at dumb shit to get noticed.

I could go on.

The only thing I do enjoy and respect are the folks here at du. Without du, I'd probably go for the dirt box early.

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