Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Speaking of Patriots sweatshirts... 

I must admit my great sin of not owning a New England Patriots sweatshirt. I mean, come on, Wesley Clark has one. So I tried to remedy the situation today. I really did. I scoured the local area in search of a plain old Patriots sweatshirt. Being in Maine, I didn't expect it to be very difficult.

But as it turns out, the only shirts available right now are AFC Champions shirts, and they are everywhere. And well, I just don't have the requisite lack of faith that I would need to buy an AFC Champions shirt. Buying such a shirt indicates that the wearer doesn't believe that the Pats will be more than conference champions.

I am confident that they will be more than that, and apparently so is everyone else. The racks were full of AFC Champions shirts and they appeared to be a very slow selling item.

Glad to see that faith in the Patriots is alive and well in Maine.
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