Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Syria willing to talk peace 

Haaretz reports:

Syrian President Bashar Assad is ready to resume peace negotiations with Israel without any preconditions and if Israel insists, from the starting point, according to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (Dem.-Florida), who met with Assad on Saturday.

According to the senator, Assad repeated those assertions several times during their meeting, saying that while he believes it would be best - "not a waste of time" - to pick up the negotiations where they were cut off during the Barak administration, if Israel insists, Assad has no objections to starting from scratch.

Surely this must be a coincidence. Just like Libya opening the doors to weapons inspectors. Or Saudi Arabia cracking down on terrorists, reforming their education system, and paving the way for municipal elections. Or North Korea letting an American delegation visit their nuclear facilities. Nope, nothing to do with Iraq... just a coincidence...

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