Friday, January 23, 2004

Taking us for fools 

Maine Revenue Services is running a television spot about use tax. This is a tax that a Maine resident supposedly owes on purchases made over the internet or out of state. No, seriously. So this TV spot helpfully informs the people of Maine that they are liable for these taxes, and goes on to encourage people to declare out-of-state purchases on their state income tax return. No, seriously. And then it provides a helpful web address people can go to for more information.

I wonder how many gullible people are rounding up receipts right now?

My favorite part of the website:

If you made purchases in a state which charges sales tax and your purchase was taxed, you may not owe any use tax in Maine... However if you paid less than Maine's rate you owe the difference. For instance if another state's rate is 4% and Maine's rate is 5%, a Maine use tax of 1% is due.
Tee-hee. I feel like such a scofflaw now.
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