Thursday, February 26, 2004

Brits are terrorists 

Tough day for MI6. First they are accused of spying on Kofi Annan, and now the Saudis say they were planning a bombing campaign.

The allegations were revealed as seven British men tortured and falsely accused of carrying out the bombings launched legal action against Saudi officials, including the interior minister, Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz. They are seeking compensation for more than two years' imprisonment and torture.

Five of the men appeared in televised confessions claiming responsibility for a wave of anti-western explosions that killed one Briton and injured several others. The Saudis said the bombings were the result of a turf war between western bootleggers, although they were widely acknowledged to be the work of dissident Islamist groups.
What a sick country. Some Islamists set off bombs, and rather than own up to the role their society plays in producing terrorists, the Saudis torture a few infidels until they confess. That's real class.

The sooner the West weans itself off Saudi oil, the sooner we can leave the kingdom to its sand and its extremists, and consign it to history's garbage pile.

UPDATE: And Arabs, if you're going to criticize us for encouraging reform, just shut the hell up. We don't care what your governments think any more. With things like the story above, why should we?
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