Thursday, February 19, 2004


Hardware problems remain, and until they're fixed, this space will be mostly quiet. It's a bit frustrating, especially since one of my readers is to blame. (Well, not really... it just so happened that he was the last person to touch a particular piece of equipment when it still worked.) Heh.

Even if this gets fixed, I'll be busy for most of the weekend, so don't expect much until... oh, Monday I'd say. Unless something really big happens, like a revolution in Iran, or if any progress is made on the topless coffee shop in Madison, Maine.

Hmm. I sometimes stop for coffee in Madison when I'm on my way to the mountains to ski...

Finally, before I go back to berating and abusing my wireless router, a warning: Watch what you eat. Oh, and if you run a food service business, consider a more lenient break policy...
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