Saturday, February 14, 2004

Idle hands at Justice 

So, Mr. Ashcroft... now that your Department of Justice has all but wrapped up the domestic side of the war on terror, you have all these agents and lawyers just sitting around. They're bored and they need work. What will you have them do?

Ah, of course... hunt down the people who keep ordinary Americans awake at night. Steroid peddlers and pornographers.

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has quietly installed an outspoken anti-pornography advocate in a senior position in its criminal division, as part of an effort to jump-start obscenity prosecutions...

Taylor, who in recent years has headed a conservative advocacy group fighting for tougher regulation of the Internet, has been given the title of "senior counsel" within the criminal division at Justice, with a focus principally on federal adult obscenity issues...

The department has made other moves recently to shore up its anti-porn effort, including assigning for the first time in years a team of FBI agents to focus exclusively on adult-obscenity cases.

In his fiscal 2005 budget proposal released this month, President Bush sought increased spending to fight obscenity; it was one of the few spending increases — besides for anti-terrorist efforts — in the otherwise austere proposal.
Yep, gotta take care of what's important--the base, that is.

Like the steroids thing, I wonder if there is some huge cry for help coming from the people of this country... If there are many Americans who feel their way of life threatened by pornography, so much that they don't mind law-enforcement resources being diverted from domestic terror concerns, drug trafficking, consumer fraud, and the like.

Don't we have more important things to worry about?
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