Saturday, February 28, 2004

Mugabe's torture camps 

Do dictators and despots ever stop to think, "Wow, I must really suck as a ruler if I have to use torture and murder to stay in power?"

President Robert Mugabe's government has set up secret camps across the country in which thousands of youths are taught how to torture and kill, the BBC has learned.

The Zimbabwean government says the camps are job training centres, but those who have escaped say they are part of a brutal plan to keep Mugabe in power.
Here's one recruit's story:

Daniel was plied with alcohol and drugs, and learned how to electrocute his victims.

He said: "I would just touch, krr, krr - tell us information."

Asked if he thought it was OK to torture people, he added that it was "nice", because "your mind is disturbed".
And it gets better. There will be millions of Daniels in Zimbabwe if Mugabe has his way:

What is more frightening is that President Mugabe now wants every Zimbabwean youth to undergo training.
Hitler youth, anyone?
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