Monday, February 09, 2004

Subpoenaed protesters update 

Over the weekend, I had two posts about the anti-war activists who have been called to testify to a grand jury, and whose records have been subpoenaed from Drake University. It seems I might have jumped the gun with my outrage:

The judge's subpoena, linked to a grand jury probe, seeks records relating to the Drake chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, including names of officers and the current location of offices. It also orders the university to turn over records about a Nov. 15 forum for anti-war activists.

The forum offered sessions on the war in Iraq and nonviolence training for those planning to participate in a protest the following day at the Iowa National Guard headquarters... (So say the attendees -ed.)

Authorities said a sheriff's deputy suffered a dislocated knee when he was kicked during the demonstration. Twelve protesters, including three who have been subpoenaed, were arrested. A fourth activist subpoenaed, Brian Terrell, was at the forum and the protest but was not arrested.
So... A group of people gathers together one day to discuss their protest, and the next day they get arrested and injure a cop. Sounds like fair game to me. I think it's reasonable for a court to find out if violence was part of the plan.

So unless something new comes to light, I'm withdrawing my concern for these activists.
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