Monday, February 02, 2004

What if a nuke is detonated in the U.S.? 

A Democratic Underground poster asks this question, hoping for a serious discussion. Unfortunately, he/she did not get many serious responses.

Many of the serious responses demonstrate a serious United Nations/mulitlateralism fetish, as if the international community is automatically a source of moral legitimacy. I would demand that my government go after the perpetrators, international opinion be damned. But hey, that's just me...

Others talk about treating the Middle East more respectfully or arresting Bush. One says we should "just deal with it." Another says, "start arresting RWers, repooks and other various and sundry conservatives for their role in pissing off the rest of the world so badly that they felt retaliation was their last recourse to stop the US from using the rest off the world as its chattel."

Notice a theme? Yep, the "it's our fault" thing, even when talking about hypothetical future events! The level of America-blaming astounds.

You may say this guy is a dreamer: "We should grieve for the dead, repair the damage, try to correct the mistakes that caused it to happen and work for a more peaceful world."

So, the range of responses runs from "it's our fault, do nothing about it, make everyone like us," to, well... that's really about it.

Finally, there's this comment, which is so good I'm posting it in its entirety. The commenter manages to weave in executions for treason, quasi-martial-law, forced resignations of the nation's leadership in a time of crisis, and even abolition of the electoral college. Kudos for that last one... There's no opportunity, however small, that these sore losers will not grab to harp on the "stolen" election.

step 1) Have all CIA and NSA members arrested and shot in the back for treason.
step 2) Reallocate money from the defense budget for a brand new intelligence network and to fully fund Nunn-Lugar.
step 3) Bring home all troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to help with the immediate evacuation of all living civilians wounded, or suffering from radiation sickness.
step 4) Seize all medical resources and food available from private corporations, along with other necessary commodities to help those in need.
step 5) Begin to seal off the contaminated area once people are evacuated.
step 6) Introduce a constitutional amendment requiring the Secretary of Defense, the President, and all other administration officials to act only under the strict supervision of the elected Congress.
step 7) Introduce another amendment stating that all administration officials and the President would be elected directly by the people, not by an electoral college.
step 8) ask all administration officials to testify before Congress, and release all classified info to them during judicial hearings.
step 9) ask for emergency assistance from the U.N. and members of NATO.
step 10) take responsibility for the disaster, ask for the resignation of every cabinet member, and then resign for not honoring the oath of office.
Enough. You get the picture.
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