Saturday, March 13, 2004

Arabs worry about Madrid blame 

While condemning the Madrid bombings, many Arab papers are worried that Arabs will be blamed. The BBC has some editorial comments from around the Arab world.

This is a clear attempt to brand Arabs with terrorism. -Jordan's Al-Ra'y
It is? Maybe I'm unique in this, but I won't hold "Arabs" responsible for terrorism any more than I hold "white people" responsible for Columbine. It's possible to blame some Arabs without blaming all Arabs. But at the risk of stereotyping... you're all way too sensitive. Get off this "poor me" inferiority complex already.

It is very regrettable that some analysts and leaders rushed to link this terrorist act with so-called "Muslim terrorists" without verifying the truth of this insane statement [claim of responsibility by Abu-Hafs al-Masri brigades]... This insane statement has soiled the name of Islam... Islam is innocent of these bombings. -Jordan's Al-Dustur
Absolutely. Islam--the real Islam--is innocent of these bombings. But so many terrorists do consider themselves faithful Muslims fighting God's war against the kafir. (And when it's against Israel, a majority of your fellow believers support their "holy war.")

And finally,

Arabs and Muslims cannot commit such an act. We therefore condemn the act and hope that the Spanish government will be able to find out the truth. -London's Al-Arab al-Alamiyah
And what if they find out that Arabs and Muslims did it? I don't think anyone buys the "Arabs and Muslims can't do this" line any more. It didn't work on 9/11, it didn't work after Bali, and it isn't going to work now. Give it up.

It is far from clear who committed the Madrid bombings. But those who rush to exonerate Arabs and Muslims without any evidence are no better than those who rush to blame them. Let's let the facts play out as they will, okay?

UPDATE: Some Arabs and Muslims have been arrested in connection with the bombings...
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