Monday, March 22, 2004

As you wish 

"They have tried to kill Sheikh Ahmed Yassin before... I would like to say to them: We do not fear death threats. We are seekers of martyrdom."

-Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, 16 January

Oh, and in case anyone is worried about the opening of the "gates of hell," fear not. We've heard that before.

In the past, Hamas dedicated itself to slaughtering Jews and destroying the state of Israel. Now that the spiritual leader of Hamas is dead, will they be more dedicated to slaughtering Jews and destroying the state of Israel? From the Israeli point of view, what difference does it make, other than adding one name to the "silenced racist hatemongers" list?

UPDATE: I said this 20 days ago, and I guess it's a moot point now... "As much as Likud dislikes Arafat, they hardly want Ahmed Yassin to replace him."
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