Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Bomb found in France 

A rail worker in France found a bomb on a major railway near the city of Troyes today.

A suspected bomb has been found on a French railway line linking Paris to Basel, in Switzerland, police say.

A bomb disposal squad has made the device safe, the French Interior ministry has announced.

The French national rail company SNCF says the object was found during an inspection of the line.
It's only a matter of time before more bombs start going off in Europe. They're just as much the enemy of Islamist terrorists as the United States is, whether they realize it or not, regardless of what they have or have not done in Iraq or elsewhere.

If anything, Europe is a softer target for terrorists than America now, because they have not made many of the changes in security systems that we have. Ironically, their refusal to take the war on terrorism seriously might make them more likely to experience it at home.

And when the next bomb goes off, whether in a coalition country like Poland or Italy, or in one of the anti-war countries like France or Germany, it will inevitably be blamed on Bush. Count on it.

Or... maybe we'll get lucky, and Europe will finally understand that they're part of this war too. Not because they sent troops to Iraq or because of any other foreign policy action, not because Bush provoked Muslim rage, but because they are the infidel West. It is my wish that it will not take another mass murder to drive the point home, but I'm not hopeful.
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