Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Halal polio vaccine in Nigeria 

Conspiracy-theorist Nigerian Muslims can take heart, for their polio vaccines will no longer be tainted with sterility-inducing agents, or black magic, or whatever it was they suspected the evil Americans were putting in the vials.

The northern Nigerian state of Kano is seeking polio vaccines from Asian countries to be used in a mass immunisation programme...

Kano suspended immunisations following reports by Muslim clerics that the vaccine was contaminated with an anti-fertility agent as part of a US plot to render Muslim women infertile...

Mr Sule said they opted to seek the vaccine from Muslim states in the Asian continent where they had developed their own.
If this means that the people with the world's highest rate of polio infection are going to stop letting their kids suffer and die from the disease, then good for them. But damn, these people have some crazy ideas.
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