Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Iraqis happy with their lives, hopeful for the future 

It really must have pained ABC and the Beeb to release these Iraqi poll results.

Excerpts from ABC:

On a personal level, seven in 10 Iraqis say things overall are going well for them — a result that might surprise outsiders imagining the worst of life in Iraq today. Fifty-six percent say their lives are better now than before the war, compared with 19 percent who say things are worse (23 percent, the same). And the level of personal optimism is extraordinary: Seventy-one percent expect their lives to improve over the next year.
No, that's not extraordinary unless you've been looking at Iraq through your quagmire blinders. (And 56+23=79, not "seven in 10" unless I'm missing something.)

Iraqis divide in their rating of the local security situation now, but strikingly, 54 percent say security where they live is better now than it was before the war.
Not only that, but a large majority expressed trust in the Iraqi police, and a slim majority voiced their trust in the new Iraqi army.

Oh, and they overwhelmingly reject political violence and support a unified Iraq.

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