Monday, March 01, 2004

Water world? 

Yesterday I posted about a SPACE.com article which speculated about what the Mars rovers are finding, and which said that a major press conference was rumored for this week.

Well, it is no longer a rumor:

"Significant findings" about water on Mars will be announced by the US space agency on Tuesday in Washington DC.

Nasa has called a press conference at which the lead scientist on its Red Planet rovers will reveal the mission's most important discovery to date.
The briefing is in DC instead of at mission headquarters at JPL in Pasadena, a sign, the BBC says, of the announcement's importance.

UPDATE: I predict that any truly big announcement about Mars will be assumed, by the usual suspects, to be timed to help Bush in the polls, or some nonsense like that. Even though the rover mission was announced in August, 2000.
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