Saturday, March 13, 2004

World's tiniest violin 

Robert Fisk on Abu Abbas:

When 55-year-old Mohamed Aboul Abbas died mysteriously in a US prison camp in Iraq on Tuesday, nobody bothered to call his family.

His American captors had given no indication to the International Red Cross that he had been unwell and his wife Reem first heard that he was dead when she watched an Arab television news show.
Boo frickin hoo. Leon Klinghoffer's wife watched her wheelchair-bound husband get shot and thrown overboard at your husband's order, Reem. At least you'll probably get a funeral. Consider yourself extremely fortunate that your husband didn't end up as a red stain at the bottom of a bomb crater.

Yet in his last letter to his family, written just seven weeks ago and shown to The Independent in Baghdad yesterday, the Palestinian militant wrote that, "I am in good form and in good health", adding that he hoped to be freed soon. So what happened to Mohamed Aboul Abbas?
I'll let the Qu'ran answer that one:

`They who believe not shall have garments of fire fitted to them; boiling water shall be poured upon their heads; their bowels and also their skins shall be dissolved thereby, and they shall be beaten with maces of iron. So often as they shall endeavor to get out of hell because of the anguish of their torments, they shall be dragged back into the same, and their tormentors shall say unto them, taste ye the pain of burning.' (22:19-22)
That sounds just about right for someone like Abu Abbas.
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