Wednesday, April 14, 2004

100 days of Rwanda 

NYCO of Silent Edge is blogging a Rwanda retrospective, with 100 days of posts, each describing the events of that date in 1994. It is excellent reading for those who want to know more.

An excerpt from today's post:

Ten years ago today: Interahamwe stopped a Rwandan Red Cross ambulance at a checkpoint and killed six wounded Tutsi who were on the way to the hospital. RTLM announced that the Red Cross was protecting "enemies of the Republic, disguised as wounded." The incident prompted Philippe Gaillard, head of the international Red Cross mission in Rwanda, to alert the world media about the targeting of wounded civilians.

Belgium announced its troops were leaving the country.

In Kibeho church in Gikorongo province, thousands of Tutsi refugees died in an attack. Kibeho had been the site of apparitions to Catholic girls during the 1980s.

Thousands of people were also killed at Nyamata church in central Rwanda this week, starting today.
Thanks to Tacitus for linking it on his site, without which I would not have known about NYCO's blog.
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