Thursday, April 15, 2004

Door number three 

According to the Associated Press, there is a third version of the LCPL Boudreaux picture out there, but I can't find it anywhere. The AP says that this other version of the photo has the sign reading,

My country got invaded and all I got was this lousy sign.
Fortunately, the Marine Corps has finished its investigation so we should be hearing the conclusion of this story soon.

UPDATE: A longer version of the same article, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It appears that the Marine Corps is having some difficulty reaching LCPL Boudreaux:

Boudreaux is not on active duty and the Marines were trying to contact him Wednesday.
Gotta keep that recall info up to date, Lance Corporal Boudreaux! (We do it every single month in my reserve unit. It gets old, but it beats not being able to reach someone.)
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