Monday, April 26, 2004

Gooey goodness 

On a lighter note, the delicious Quebecois treat called poutine finally gets the recognition it deserves. And it's spreading!

Quebec's signature dish, made of fried potatoes covered with melted cheddar cheese curds and gravy, is slowly spreading beyond Canada and winning fans as far away as New York City and Florida. But the really big culinary news is that poutine is becoming haute cuisine.

Martin Picard, the owner of the popular bistro Au Pied de Cochon, known by local critics as the enfant terrible of the Montreal food scene, has begun adding foie gras to the dish. He has also reinvented poutine sauce with a blend of pork stock, egg yolks, still more foie gras and a touch of cream for texture.
Eh... I'm not so sure about that last part. Foie gras? I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to poutine (or anything involving fried potatoes). But hey, if its gets poutine some exposure, then I guess it's okay. Just give me the plain old, gooey, cheesy, yummy poutine and I'm happy, though.
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