Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It's fiction, people, fiction! 


FOX’s global warming thriller THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW is turning into a political lightening rod.

A rally featuring former VP and environmental advocate Al Gore will be held a couple of blocks away from the pic’s May 24 preem in Gotham and hosted by MoveOn.org, DAILY VARIETY is reporting on Wednesday.

Helmed by director Roland Emmerich, DAY follows the onset of a new Ice Age just three days after the polar ice caps melt. With Emmerich’s penchant for onscreen destruction, the pic includes catastrophic tornadoes touching down in Los Angeles, giant hail in Tokyo and the flooding and freezing of New York.
Which makes the movie about as realistic as "Armageddon" or that one with volcanoes in downtown LA. Let's see a rally outside NBC headquarters on the night of "10.5." Because, you know, I'm sure earthquakes are Bush's fault too.

But it should come as no surprise that these people won't let the fact/fiction divide limit them. A made-up, totally unrealistic movie? No, they know that it's something that could really happen if Bush wins in November! They'll just bring out "the real president" and have a rally that gets lots of "news coverage!" The Village Voice and Indymedia will be there! People (in the Village and Frisco and perhaps the Rive Gauche) will care about their rally!

Al Gore, gotta give him credit, is absolutely visionary when it comes to selecting backdrops for environmental activism. First he speaks against global warming on New York's coldest day in 50 years, and then he does it near the premiere of a silly made-up movie. Genuis, pure genius. Come on, Al... You seemed like a pretty smart guy the one time I heard you speak in person. What happened?

Oh, right.
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