Friday, April 23, 2004

LCPL Boudreaux's mom? 

A visitor claiming to be LCPL Boudreaux's mom has posted comments in this Graphictruth.com thread.

All of you are wrong about this young man. The picture has been altered. This young marine wound give his life for any of you; even those that wish him harm. He would stop a bullet for anyone and because some fool altered the picture and thought it was funny the rest of his life will be awful. His family lives in fear every minute now because of the negative comments on the internet. They all stand behind him because they know he would not have done anything to hurt his God, his nation or his family. Back off; you've hurt him enough.

The Proud Mother of a very special Marine: LCPL Ted J. Boudreaux Jr.
Another user dismissed this comment as "coming from Freepland," and I can't say that I blame him/her. I would be skeptical too.

But upon being challenged, the name she gave checks out in this Houma Courier (Louisiana) article, as does the email address she gives at this Houma, Louisiana company.

The Houma Courier article is pretty interesting. In it, we find yet another claim about what the sign said in the original photo:

"They were not the original. The original was in a group of photos he sent in the e-mail," Gustafson said. "It said 'Welcome Marines’ or something like that. There was not anything unusual or offensive."
And for the first time that I'm aware of, LCPL Boudreaux speaks:

Now working in retail, Boudreaux was reached by telephone Tuesday and confirmed his mother’s account of the photo, but would not discuss it in detail.

"There is nothing really I can say," Boudreaux said. "I will stand back and wait and hopefully let everything work itself out."

The reservist did say the original photo was taken in the town of Al Kut, and he spoke of the many children his reserve unit made contact with while there.

"Plenty of times little kids would come up to us, we would be out in town or on patrol," Boudreaux said. "We had (military "Meals Ready to Eat") and Skittles and Starbursts and we would hand them out to the little kids."
Finally, it seems like Boudreaux just can't catch a break. When his mom said he would stop a bullet for anyone, she wasn't kidding:

In August 2001 Boudreaux was kidnapped and shot during a carjacking at the Southland Mall.

He and a companion, Jason Kaylor, were approached by a Jefferson Parish man, Dominic Robinson, who brandished a gun and demanded Kaylor’s customized Nissan Stanza.

Boudreaux was wounded during an ensuing struggle, after which Robinson drove the car to the Mississippi state line and released him.

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