Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Lyndon LaRouche would be proud / Bush visits to wounded 

The Saint Petersburg, Florida Democrats have bought themselves a newspaper ad calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to be put up against a wall and shot.

Isn't that wonderful? What nice people they are. And check out the raving, illogical lunacy in the rest of the ad.

I can answer one question the ad asks:

How many military hospitals has Bush visited to talk to our wounded who have lost arms, or legs, or their eye sight, or combinations of these, how many?
Several, including five visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center which got almost zero coverage in the major media. I wonder why that is? How many soldiers does Bush have to visit before the press notices? How many?

And then the ad calls the Iraqi insurgents "patriates." Well, yeah, if that's the opposite of "expatriate." I think they meant "patriots" but weren't capable of spelling correctly with all that mouth foam in the way.

UPDATE: He visited a hospital at Ft. Hood, Texas and pinned Purple Hearts on 10 soldiers on Easter Sunday, right before the St. Pete Dems asked how many military hospitals he has visited. Why didn't they know? Because the press doesn't want you to know. I didn't know until he mentioned it just now during his press conference.

MORE: Okay, so the ad ran before the Ft. Hood visit. The point stands: President Bush has visited wounded soldiers at three military hospitals during seven visits--six since the start of the Iraq war. The dates and places:

January 17, 2003 - Walter Reed Army Medical Center
April 11, 2003 - Walter Reed and Naval Medical Center Bethesda
September 11, 2003 - Walter Reed
December 18, 2003 - Walter Reed
March 19, 2004 - Walter Reed
April 11, 2004 - Ft. Hood, TX

And yet there are still widely circulated articles as this one by Bill Berkowitz, reproduced on countless lefty websites. On the very same day as Bush's third visit to Walter Reed, Berkowitz wrote:

The president has repeatedly visited with troops that have returned intact and he has issued statements honoring the dead, but he has not shown up at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Berkowitz is far and away the leader of the "Bush hasn't visited the wounded" charge, but he's not alone.

This blogger thinks he scores points with a conservative friend by stating, four days before Bush's fourth visit to Walter Reed,

You DO know he hasn't visited any of our wounded troops...?
After Bush had visited wounded soldiers four times, blogAmY stated,

The Compassionate Conservative President himself hasn't visited one wounded solider who gave of himself/herself for their lies.
Do you get the idea yet? The links above are all from the first page of search results.

Then there's Moby, darling of the hip lefty MoveOn.org crowd:

but you know what REALLY depresses me and what stuns me that the media haven't reported?
that george bush hasn't visited a SINGLE soldier who's been wounded in iraq.
This, again, after Bush had done so four times.

I've had enough... And I can only conclude that people know what they want to know and ignore the rest.
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