Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The military wants to kill liberals! Gaaah!!!! 

Okay, sorry for the alarmist title. But it's the essence of this Democratic Underground discussion. I always leave that place feeling a mixture of pity, fear, and, well, smugness.

I've heard tell that we shouldn't blame US troops for the Iraq slaughter

And generally, the reason that's given is that "they're just following orders."

Yet, with Bush and Ashcroft wanting to push us toward a police state, a part of me can't help but wonder how many of these troops we're supposed to be supporting would turn their guns on us if they were "just ordered" to do so.
I don't know how much paranoia it takes to ask that question, but it takes a staggering amount to answer it thusly:

geez, this is a given. this is their training.

I have no doubt that troops or Police, or Militia would take us out if ordered.
That last poster expresses a wish to die soon so he/she won't see it happen. How sad is it that someone is that messed up mentally? There's gotta be a diagnosable disorder there...

And of course, it didn't take long for the Nazis to make an appearance. (After all, there are direct historical parallels between the Nazis and conservatives, didn't you know?)

Well the Vehrmacht were following hitlers orders.

I agree, not all would go along

But if Bush was to say "kill the liberal traitors" I'm sure there are plenty who would happily gun down every last one of us.
And then, just to demonstrate the complete ignorance of this crowd, someone asks a question:

Isn't it in their oath when they join? that they will be willing to fire on US citizens if so ordered?
And nobody answers it correctly. In fact, we get another ignorant question:

Does the UCMJ require that you disobey an unlawful order? In other words, if a commanding officer told you to shoot an unarmed civilian, could you refuse?

And if so, what would constitute an unlawful order? Are you taught what the boundries are in your basic training?
No, nobody tells you a damn thing in training. Officers especially spend no time studying military law, or reading the exact text of military regulations, or being tested on their knowledge of the various international agreements on armed conflict. We don't learn the targeting restraints placed on us by international law. And we certainly don't spend hours discussing the nature of lawful and unlawful orders, or participating in workshops to debate ethical questions. Nope, none of that... they just hand you a gun and say "shoot that sumbitch!" I probably shouldn't write that... if the DUers find this they'll probably believe it and spread it like wildfire. I can see the boldface DU headline now. "Military shuns law and ethics!"

Followed, of course, by mindless idiots typing out the electronic version of a head nod.

UPDATE: While I'm beating up DU, this will surely do wonders for all the unemployed that liberals pretend to care about so much.
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