Thursday, April 15, 2004

Moral equivalency 

Here's a bright, shining example of what's wrong with the concept of moral equivalency embodied in the United Nations system. The UN's Commission on Human Rights held a vote today, on a motion to call upon Cuba to reform its human rights practices.

The UN and its constituent bodies, representing dictatorships equally alongside democracies, without passing judgment on them, inevitably lead to absurd results like today's vote--a single vote passage of a motion to condemn Cuba. Twenty-one nations voted in favor of the motion, but twenty others disagreed with the need to rebuke a Communist dictatorship that freely imprisons political dissidents. Ten more couldn't bring themselves to vote either way. So this body, the Commission on Human Rights only has twenty one out of fifty-one members that are willing to, well, actually work for human rights.

It's pathetic, and it's high time this charade ended. The UN needs to set basic conditions of political and civil rights before it allows nations membership--and a vote--in its various organs. It's time to stop pretending that all nations are created equal and to stop treating them as if they are.

UPDATE: Rand Simberg has more proud moments of the UN.

MORE: Noted historian and political expert Oliver Stone says that Cuba is not a Stalinist state.
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