Friday, April 23, 2004

Saudis embrace jihad (just not at home) 

The New York Times brings us a disturbing, if totally unsurprising, look at support for terrorism in Saudi Arabia. In a nutshell, terrorism inside the Kingdom: heinous, inhuman crime for which the perps must be cursed by God and condemned to death. Terrorism against the filthy kafir Americans, two thumbs way up.

It's hard to restrain myself from letting loose a string of invective about these people, but I will. I'll let them speak for themselves.

"May God curse you, you vermin, you people of filth and not jihad." --Web posting after the Riyadh bombing.
"People are calling all the time to congratulate us — crying from happiness and envy." --Brother of a Saudi terrorist killed in Iraq.
A place where people are happy and envious of a family who lost a young man is a sick, sick society indeed.
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