Tuesday, April 27, 2004

So long, scumbag 

Foe of Somalis in Maine guilty of murder plot

CHICAGO — White supremacist leader Matthew Hale, who helped organize an anti-Somali gathering in Maine last year, was convicted Monday of trying to have a federal judge killed. Hale, 32, was found guilty of four of the five charges against him...

His arrest in January 2003 prevented him from attending the anti-Somali gathering in Lewiston a few days later, where he was scheduled to give a speech titled "The Invasion of Maine by Somalis and How We Can End It." Only 32 people showed up, while more than 4,000 gathered at a counter-rally urging Mainers to reject racism and embrace the state's new wave of immigrants...

Solicitation of murder carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Hale could also get a maximum of 10 years on each of three counts of obstruction of justice.
May the jury give him the maximum and keep this prick from ever antagonizing another community again.
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