Monday, April 05, 2004

Spain terror warning 

First, a bomb is found on a high-speed rail line, and then terrorists blow themselves up in Madrid. And now this:

Also Monday, the conservative newspaper ABC said that just hours before the terrorists killed themselves in Leganes, it received a fax from the same group that had claimed responsibility for the March 11 bombings. This time, it warned it would turn Spain "into an inferno" unless the country halted its support for the United States and withdrew its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, ABC said...

"If these demands are not met, we will declare war on you and ... convert your country into an inferno and your blood will flow like rivers," the letter said.
I guess electing the PSOE last month wasn't enough... What a shock.

There was also an attempted train derailment in Germany and a bomb found on a French rail line. I'm sure the governments and people of these countries are asking themselves what they have done to deserve this. Surely their opposition to America must gain them salvation from terror. News flash, folks: They're targeting you because you're secular Western democracies. Unless you change that, you're the enemy. Plain and simple.
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