Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Who needs Boudreaux? 

The LCPL Boudreaux affair is still an open matter. Whether the Marine really posed for a picture with two Iraqi boys and an insulting sign has yet to be resolved by the Marine Corps.

But with more serious things going on, who needs to worry about a stupid photo?

(CBS) A few weeks ago, the U.S. Army announced that 17 soldiers in Iraq had been removed from duty, and six of them were facing court martial for mistreating Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the infamous prison where Saddam Hussein and his henchmen tortured and executed Iraqis for decades.

60 Minutes II has obtained photographs of what was happening in Abu Ghraib. The photos show American soldiers mistreating Iraqi prisoners.
I agree with General Kimmitt when he says,

"We're appalled...these are our fellow soldiers, these are the people we work with every day, they represent us, they wear the same uniform as us, and they let their fellow soldiers down....We expect our soldiers to be treated well by the adversary, by the enemy...and if we can't hold ourselves up as an example of how to treat people with dignity and respect, we can't ask that other nations do that to our soldiers."
Absolutely. And I hope that these particular people won't be wearing this country's uniform for much longer. They're a disgrace to the millions who serve and who have served with honor. And I really hope that the media highlights the difference between the way this kind of behavior is handled on our side versus how it is glorified on the other.
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