Monday, April 26, 2004

Yankees suck 

It's not just a t-shirt any more, it's a verifiable statement of fact.

Some numbers:

The Yankees, as of today, are batting .217 as a team, the lowest team batting average in the Major Leagues. They are a game and a half out of the American League East cellar.

Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams are suffering the worst slumps of their careers, each going 0-for-25 lately and batting .175 and .167 respectively.

They are under .500 in winning percentage.

And they have lost six of seven games to the Red Sox so far. :)

I would try to explain how happy this makes people in Red Sox Nation, but unless you're a part of it, you won't understand.

You know how it feels when bad luck befalls someone who really deserves it? It's kind of like that.

And have you ever patiently waited while someone struggles to figure something out, and then finally, it clicks, and you're really proud of them? It's kind of like that too.

Have you ever looked skyward and smiled as the sun shines through the clouds after a dark, rainy day? Yeah, it's also kind like that.

It's like all of those things combined.
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