Monday, May 03, 2004

Anti-war? No, anti-human. 

LT Smash dug up a disgusting post from Portland Indymedia:

Write a letter to a soldier to let him/her know what people really think of this war. Send a photo of a dead Iraqi civilian. Send a photo or message about an anti-war protest... Outreach to soldiers is the best way to persuade them to stop killing civilians. Maybe they will even begin fragging (killing their officers) like in Vietnam. It's worth a try...
Some peace movement we've got here.

Smash says "This guy wants me dead." Well, he wants me dead too. I hope the "peace" movement isn't counting on garbage like this to bring people over to their side. Advocating murder shouldn't be in anyone's arsenal of political tools. It's revealing that in the case of this guy (and these people too), murder IS part of their agenda.
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