Thursday, May 13, 2004

DU rife with Nick Berg conspiracies 

I don't know why I keep going back to Democratic Underground. But I can't help myself. Perhaps it's because I am drawn to DU as window into an irrational psyche. I mean, how often, in my everyday contact with people, do I get to plumb the depths of an insane mind to see what's in there? I don't, so I read the words those minds produce over at DU.

Anyway, here is Democratic Underground's body of work concerning Nick Berg today:

Doctor Declares Berg Video a Fake (We can stop being outraged about a murder, and try to pin a conspiracy on Bush instead!)

Call to ACTION - NICK BERG / This news MUST get out. (He was killed by Americans because he knew too much!)

Berg, ABU GHRAIB & Photos? (Killed because he knew too much.)

A rational discussion thread re Berg murder video (Was he killed by the government to take the heat off the prison abuse scandal? Hmm?)

Poll: (68% think something is fishy about Berg's murder at the time I posted this.)

Another poll: (70% think it was meant to take the heat off the prison abuse scandal.)

Yet another poll: (More people think "American intelligence services/military/government" killed Berg than think "An Islamic terrorist group" did it. 36% are "Undecided.")

Berg was killed by Black Ops, the motive is to ramp up the War (No comment needed.)
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