Thursday, May 20, 2004

I don't advocate violence 

But this (inspired by Rachel Lucas) is a great alternative.

I would grab a few of those targets in a hearbeat, if not for the fact that it is spring in Maine, and that means one thing only: The unofficial state bird, the black fly, is out there by the bazillions, especially in those remote areas where we like to shoot. It is literally unbearable to remain outside in the woods for more than a minute or two at a time. Last weekend they chased a few of us back into the car at a run. (Elapsed time from exiting the car to diving into the back seat headfirst: ~90 seconds.) And then a cloud of them followed the car for a good mile down the road before giving up. Okay, that part isn't true, although the little bastards did swarm around the car until we drove away, as if daring us to step back out into their domain.

So, the first person to complain to me about cicadas gets his or her face on a target just like Michael Moore.

Oh yeah, Michael Moore. This post started with the Michael Moore targets. Go over to Rachel and Libbo's places and bug them about getting some of those targets produced and distributed. You know you want one! Or ten.
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