Thursday, May 06, 2004

Irony, sweet irony 

The radical left eats its own.

New York — Fearing that some of today’s biggest celebrities are in danger of cutting their careers short with unhealthful lifestyles, PETA wants to help them slim down before they become too much of a good thing.

Bravo! may have its "Fab Five," but PETA is tackling the "flab five" with its new "Veg Eye for the Fat Guy" Campaign in an effort to give these five larger-than-life stars a meat-free makeover that will help them look and feel like new men:

Michael Moore — Looks like the Downsize This author has been doing too much supersizing. The awful truth is that animal products are packed with fat and cholesterol. Before he gets too big for his britches, Moore should stay away from the stupid white meat and embrace tofu, the other "other white meat."

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