Monday, May 03, 2004

Karl Rove destroyed NH landmark 

No, really. The New Hampshire Gazette says so.

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) charges Karl Rove with blowing up New Hampshire’s ‘Old Man of the Mountain,’ in exclusive video footage obtained by The New Hampshire Gazette.

Rove, arguably the man most responsible for George W. Bush’s occupancy of the Oval Office, dynamited the distinctive and much-revered rock formation one year ago this May 2nd “in a fit of anger,” McCain says on the tape...

“Is it true,” [fake reporter Vermin Supreme] asks, “that Karl Rove was responsible for the destruction of the Old Man of the Mountain, to spite the people of New Hampshire for voting for you over George W. Bush in 2000?”

McCain answers, “Everything that I heard — yes. In a fit of anger, Karl went up there and dynamited it. I’ve asked the FBI on several occasions to investigate that.”
I really don't know what to say, other than to draw a parallel between The Onion and the NH Gazette... only the Gazette thinks it's reporting actual news. Which is hilarious and sad at the same time, I think.

Anyway, near the top of the article there is link to the actual video of McCain. There are several things that should clue in a reasonable person that McCain is joking. First, he's, well, John McCain, a known joker. Second, right before the "interview" he stepped off a George W. Bush campaign bus. It's quite possible that Karl Rove was within earshot.

The Gazette, based in New Hampshire, apparently does not recognize sarcasm, despite being in the heart of New England where it's widely believed that sarcasm was born.

Therefore, on behalf of the entire six-state New England region, I'm disowning editor Steve Fowle as one of us.

(If you're ever in the NH seacoast area, look for the Gazette at local establishments. It's a total hoot without meaning to be. To see what I mean, try reading this with a straight face.)
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