Thursday, May 13, 2004

Sick bastards 

It's hard to maintain faith in humanity when LT Smash can write a post like this one. If I only came across something like this once in a blue moon, that would be one thing. But it happens all the time. What is wrong with "people" like this? Have they no tiny bit of humanity left?

If you haven't clicked over to Smash's post yet, and seen the disgusting site he mentions, it's called "America's Dumbest Soldiers" and it shows soldiers who have been killed in Iraq, describes how they died, and then lets visitors vote on which is the "dumbest."

Thanks, people. Smash mentions U.S. Navy LT Tom Adams, a friend of his brother's who died in a helicopter crash early in the war. Tom Adams was a classmate of mine, and it disgusts me to see his name and his story, and those of all the others who gave their lives, used as a cheap stunt.

The human race is made less noble by the existence of the cretin(s) who would do this.

UPDATE: "DUTCH" in Smash's comments appears to have some contact info for the host of the site. It might not hurt if they get a flood of emails about the site their server is hosting.
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