Tuesday, May 18, 2004

What we're dealing with 


ABU GHRAIB, Iraq (AP) On the eve of the first court-martial in the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal, relatives of those still held at Abu Ghraib prison said Tuesday the only suitable punishment would be death illustrating the potential gap in expectations in the case.

''If they actually committed such offenses, they should be executed,'' said Odai Ibrahim, 55, as he waited in a line with hundreds of other Iraqis to visit relatives at the prison on the western outskirts of Baghdad notorious as the site of executions and torture during Saddam Hussein's regime.
This is the kind of mentality we have to deal with. They think that if soldiers make someone get naked they must DIE! And you know what? This completely effing insane mindset isn't going away.

Death is a strange concept in the Arab world. Every death, it seems, is cause for either celebration or outrage. The death culture needs to be dialed way down, and hopefully a successful rebuilding of Iraqi society will accomplish that goal. But in the meantime... wow, what a bunch of nuts we're dealing with...
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