Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Americans urged to leave New York 

U.S. warns of more attacks in New York
Americans urged to leave in face of likely violence

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Soon after a passenger was shot dead in a Manhattan subway train, a senior administration official warned that further attacks are likely and urged Americans to leave the city.

"These are vicious killers intent on meeting their objectives," the official said. "And it is going to happen again."

Nelson Stanford, who police said had an extensive criminal record, was shot by two men who fled the scene.

It was the third shooting in the subway in the last month.

Earlier this month, model-actress Monica Meadows was shot in the shoulder on a subway train in Times Square.

David Hart, a business school chief executive, was shot in late May as he walked through a subway turnstile in Queens.

The official said the United States is acting to "batten down the hatches" and avoid giving criminals an "easy target."

"We want Americans to leave. We want the people who are there to take appropriate precautions," the official said.

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