Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The other allies 

It is very easy to look at the Iraq war and subsequent occupation as primarily American and British endeavors. Which they are, of course. But there are other countries in the coalition, and while the contingents might be smaller in number, their soldiers in Iraq face the same dangers and make the same sacrifices for the future of the country.

We in the United States must not forget those sacrifices.

Six soldiers have been killed while clearing mines in Iraq, a spokesman for the Polish army has said.

Three Slovaks, two Poles and one Latvian died, and several other soldiers were hurt.
These six Eastern European soldiers died while making Iraq a safer place for the Iraqi people.

The size of the Iraq coalition is rarely brought up in the public sphere. The only time the news media mentions the coalition is when a member nation such as Spain departs. When the administration talks about the size of the coalition, it is derided by the left as a coalition of the bribed. As a result, we don't hear nearly enough about the troops from over thirty countries whose sweat and blood are helping to rebuild Iraq--troops like the six who died today. To deride them as part of a coalition of the bribed is to dishonor their service and to devalue their sacrifice.
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