Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Did I say savages? No, "savages" implies a debased kind of humanity. They are not human. They are vermin. They are a pestilence. And they must be exterminated as if they were vermin. One by one if necessary.

If they're so proud of doing God's work, why don't they take off their masks and face their fate like men? Because they're not men. They are below the lowest animal. Calling them cockroaches would be an insult to cockroaches.

Kill every last one of them.

And when is the press going to stop dignifying terrorist vermin by calling them "militants?"

UPDATE: I disagree with Moe Lane's characterization of the terrorists, but the second half of his post is dead on. Moe says that "humanity would rather build than destroy." The Arab and Muslim world is full of people who are just as horrified by the terrorists' barbarity as we are in the West (and now, sadly, the Far East). It is to those decent people that we must appeal--offering them progress toward the realization of their hopes and dreams, and the possibility of better lives. We must do this, while also violently squashing terrorism by whatever means we need to get the job done.
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