Monday, July 05, 2004


Iraq Amnesty May Include Murderers

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraq's prime minister, less than a week after taking power, may offer amnesty to insurgents and could extend it to those who killed American troops in an apparent bid to lure Saddam Hussein loyalists from their campaign of violence.

A spokesman for Iyad Allawi went as far as to suggest attacks on U.S. troops over the past year were legitimate acts of resistance — a sign of the new government's desire to distance itself from the 14-month U.S.-led occupation of Iraq.

"If he [a guerrilla] was in opposition against the Americans, that will be justified because it was an occupation force," the spokesman, Georges Sada, said Saturday. "We will give them freedom."
Huh. It looks like the "puppet regime" (or "puppet government")
isn't very firmly attached to its strings and isn't dancing like it's supposed to. Or not dancing like some people think it is, in any case.

I say good for them. It's their country after all, and some of the insurgents are their citizens. That said, I'm not sure I agree with this idea. In fact I think it's dangerous to all involved, most particularly the terrorists who will be encouraged to fight by the prospect of amnesty and who will die in droves as a result. Not that it would be much of a change from the present situation. These people are going to continue fighting anyway, and I'm not sure what goal Allawi is shooting for with this amnesty business. But sovereign nations decide those kinds of things on their own. It's their prerogative.

I'm sure the administration's doubters have no idea what to make of this. Today's announcement is just one indication of the sovereignty which IS in the hands of the Iraqis and which will be strengthened as the interim government gains confidence in itself. In short, the Iraqi government is beginning to take charge of the country. It's almost like Bush told the truth or something!
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