Thursday, August 12, 2004

Go Iraq! 

Don't look now... but as I write this, the Iraqi national soccer team is beating Portugal 3-2 in the 70th minute of its opening match in Athens. That's Euro 2004 runner-up Portugal, by the way. I hope these guys hold on for the win.

UPDATE: Game over. Iraq wins 4-2 after a goal in stoppage time puts it away. Way to go, men! You played your hearts out and beat a tough competitor. You played not out of fear of torture, but for each other and for Iraq. May the people of your country celebrate tonight, united in joy and pride in what eighteen of their young men accomplished.

And may they know that many Americans are celebrating with them right now. There's always hope that the Arab satellite networks might do a story on that.

MORE: Iraqi soccer, then and now. These men are celebrating much more than a simple soccer victory, that's for sure.
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