Sunday, August 01, 2004

Paranoia at Democratic Underground 

Yeah, I know. That's as surprising as a damp day in England. But I often wonder if these people stop to think for just one second.

Today, they are up in arms about the new terror alert. (Links do DU threads at the bottom of this post.) Specific targets mentioned in the alert are:

-The Citicorp building (actually Citigroup Center ever since the company's name changed) and the New York Stock Exchange in New York City.

-The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank buildings in Washington.

-The Prudential building in Newark.

The DU response ranges from a conviction that Bush is using a terror threat to distract attention from the Kerry-Edwards campaign (which is about to go silent for the month of August anyway, but what does that matter?) to the certainty that Bush is going to let a terrorist attack happen because that would somehow help him at the polls, to the idea that Bush will use the terror alert to cancel presidential debates.

You have to hand it to DU. There's nobody else in their league when it comes to irrational paranoia. Did they ever stop to think of the actual consequences of a terror threat to Citigroup, the NYSE, and Prudential? Whatever their imagined rationales for the terror warning, what will actually happen is that at tomorrow's opening bell, Citi stock will fall. Prudential stock will fall. Mostly likely every index will fall, since there is a general threat to the NYSE.

How, exactly, do falling stocks HELP Bush? Nobody at DU seems to have stopped to ponder that question. But come on... thinking that terrorist warnings help the administration is just absurd. Especially when they might hurt the financial and investment sectors. Nobody wants that, especially an incumbent for whom the economy is a liability with a fair number of voters.

DU threads about the terror alert as of this writing:

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